Luscious Lemon – Fresh Pudding


Another classic nostalgic pudding we love.

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 Another classic nostalgic pudding we love. The use of a matured lemon curd topping over a lightly lemony buttery sponge means the pudding has a wonderful citris punch to it. Amazing with either softly whipped fresh cream or hokey pokey ice-cream were you get a sweetness hit from the hokey pokey through the citrus ‘wow’.

Small – $7.00 – 150g
Serves 1-2

Med $12.00 – 310g
Serves 4-5

Our fresh steamed pudding range are baked fresh every week. We only use ingredients you would find in you pantry at home – we don’t add any additives or preservatives.

The dessert is shelf stable for approximately one week. This allows us to ship un-refrigerated. Refrigerating on arrival will keep them fresh for to weeks, or they can be frozen for up to one month.
If eating from frozen, just defrost them on the bench top to get them back to room temperature before reheating.

Also please note our shipping day will either be Friday or Monday only. The puddings are made on a Thursday and then need to cooled & wrapped before sending. We will keep them refrigerated until we courier them to you and you just pop them in the fridge when you get them.


Fresh pudding heating instructions
Remove outer rapping to reheat
Once pudding is heated, carefully remove lid before serving. The contents will be hot.

If you wish you can rewrap the pudding (still in the container with lid on) in tinfoil for steaming to stop the risk on any moisture getting in. Continue to check the water level throughout cooking.
Small – steam in the top of your steamer for 10 mins
Medium – steam in the top of your steamer for 15 mins

Stove top
Put an upturned saucer in the bottom of a large pot for the pudding to sit on so it won’t be touching the bottom directly. Wrap the pudding (still in the container with lid on) in tinfoil. Pour boiling water into the pot until it comes about two thirds up the side of the prepared pudding. Simmer for the following times.
Small – simmer for 10 mins
Medium – simmer for 15 mins

Small – Loosen lid and cook on high for 40 seconds or until piping hot
Medium – Loosen lid and cook on high for 90 seconds or until piping hot

Sauce: lemon juice, butter, eggs, agar, green tea extract
Pudding: butter, sugar, flour, breadcrumbs, eggs, baking powder, lemon juice